Lady is an elderly dog who started having urinary issues. She went to her vet who found out that she had bladder stones. Her owner applied for help to pay for the surgery. Lady had a cystotomy and the stones were removed. She had a rough time in recovery but the final word was that Lady is doing well.

June Bug

June Bug is a kitty who decided that a piece of ribbon might make a good meal. The ribbon did not agree with her however and her owners applied to the fund for help in getting it removed. She went to surgery and did well.


Jasmine is a dog that was still fairly new to her family when she was diagnosed with heartworm disease. Her owners had been taking good care of her but needed a little help with the treatment and applied to the fund. She was accepted and treatment went well.


Jade is a puppy that had only been with her family for a few days when she started not feeling well. She went to the vet and was diagnosed with Parvovirus. Even though she was still new to them, her dedicated owners wanted to get her treated and applied for assistance. She recovered quickly and did fantastic!


Heinz is a dog who was diagnosed with a serious disease called perianal fistulas. His owners had tried all sorts of treatments without success but were not ready to give up. A final treatment option was just out of their budget so they applied for help. The fantastic news is that Heinz is responding to the treatment! We are all continuing to keep our fingers crossed for a full recovery!