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I never wanted a dog. I’m a cat person, always have been a cat person. My husband, however, has always had dogs, and just lost his beloved Barkley the year before, after many, many years together. So when he came to me in March 2014 asking could he please get this little puppy that he saw on the Campbell County Humane Society website, I couldn’t say no to him. So we adopted a little cheaglehund (thats chihuahua/beagle/dachshund to non dog people) and called her Lucy. She was just 8 weeks old when we brought her home to join our family.

This stinky little ball of fur and energy: what was I going to do with this pet? Within about two and a half minutes she had completely won my heart. She fit in with our family just perfectly…I loved her, Scott loved her, the kids loved her, even the cats loved her.

For several months we lived very happily. Lucy was a very typical puppy doing very puppy things – playing, chewing, playing, sleeping, playing, being cute…one time she injured her foot at just 12 weeks old – she jumped out of Scott’s arms unexpectedly – but she bounced back from that really quick. Then in September of 2014, the unthinkable happened.

One Saturday afternoon Lucy was sniffing around in the ditch while the kids were playing basketball outside, and a car came down our road and swerved into her and ran over her back end. Scott and I heard the impact from the back yard, and immediately ran out fearing for the worst…that one of our kids had been hit…and then we saw our sweet Lucy lying in the ditch. I thought this was the end. We were so scared, he rushed her to the emergency vet and I waited with the kids anxiously for any news at home. Scott finally called and said Lucy is alive for now but she is going to need very extensive surgery from a specialist in Charlottesville to save her life. She had multiple fractures in one leg and the other one was crushed and completely dislocated, and there was a crack in her spine. They were still waiting to find out if there was any internal damage.

With nothing more to do but wait until Monday, we cried and prayed together for our sweet Lucy, who had grown to be such a huge part of our family.  We visited her at the emergency vet over the weekend several times. She looked so pitiful and sad but she still had her personality for sure – she jerked the feeding tube away from the vet and tossed it out of her cage, and insisted upon eating real food. She let them know that she was cold, that she needed scratches, that she needed attention, and that she missed us.

Monday came around finally and we made the trip to Charlottesville to Virginia Veterinary Specialists to see Dr. Stiffler who would eventually become a wonderful source of strength and positivity for us. After his examination, he told us that in order to save her life that she was going to need surgery that day to repair her legs, repair her spine and fix any internal damage that they found. This life saving surgery would run an estimated $8,000 to $14,000. Holy cow. Shock. Disbelief. Impossible to pay with 2 kids, a mortgage and other bills. But we knew we had to save our baby.

After posting a new update on my Facebook page, I got in touch with Lucy’s vet, Gentle Care Animal Hospital, and spoke to Jenni, who helped me complete the application for the Rachael Horton Compassionate Care Fund. The RHCCF assisted us with paying for Lucy’s life saving surgery and we are so grateful.

After a few months of recovery, several visits back to the specialist, xrays, bandages, and antibiotics, Lucy is back to being the sweet and happy and playful puppy we adopted just months before. She has one more small surgery scheduled to fix some nerve damage in one of her back feet, but she is back to her old self 100%.  We will be celebrating Lucy’s first birthday on February 1st, a birthday that would not have been possible without the help of the Rachel Horton Compassionate Care Fund.

Submitted by Dana B.

Update on Helped Pets

Because of the generosity of people like you, we’ve been able to help 71 pets with life-threatening conditions…and a total amount given to their care of $35,763.21! Here’s a complete list of pets that have been helped by the Rachael Horton Compassionate Care Fund:

  • Samson Hill
  • Sugar Lawrence
  • Shanel Conner
  • Iggy Johnson
  • Franklin Hall
  • Smoky Stotts
  • Lucy Bosiger
  • Macy Muir
  • Sassy McKinney
  • Checkers King
  • Gibbs Hertzog
  • Arya Shelton
  • Milli Epperson
  • Jordan Cabler
  • Daisy Muir
  • Augustus Theodore Markham
  • Trixie Harper
  • Saber Alexander
  • Athena Louback
  • Patches Charlton
  • Gooney Goo Goo
  • Buddy Dietrich
  • Buddy Fretwell
  • Dax Russell
  • Tee Tee Matthews
  • Gypsy Burnett
  • Charlotte Portnoy
  • Midnight Moodie
  • Jerry Rodgers
  • Blue Reynolds
  • Abby Maulbeck
  • Fat Boi Bowling
  • Zeus Hudson
  • Lana Ham
  • Wilson Walker
  • Blueberry Murphy
  • Cody Morgan
  • Heinz O’Neil
  • Tank Iverson
  • Lady Board
  • Abby Hertzog
  • Heinz O’Neil
  • Jasmine Taylor
  • June Bug Brown
  • Jade Routh
  • Hershey Powell
  • Elmo Yeatts
  • Chelsea Dalton
  • Romeo Mattox
  • Bella Fleming
  • Simba Smith
  • Misty Girandola
  • Midnight Wade
  • Henry Jay Farmer
  • Crash Salyers
  • Petey Wilcher
  • Maggie Sharpe
  • Lil Bit Woodworth
  • Tabitha Jordan
  • Daisy Boothe
  • Little Man Janecke
  • Cowboy Ronk
  • Bo Herbert
  • Tucker Williams
  • Cookie Griffin
  • Bella Harris
  • Scout Waller
  • Daisy Malpass
  • Wiley Schwartz

Thank you for your support for this important cause. If you have any questions, please email us at Thank you!!



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We bought our dog Chanel, who is an American Bully, in May of 2013 from a breeder in NC. As soon as we picked her up we knew not only did we have a great pet but a wonderful addition to our family. Chanel has the sweetest temperament and personality and out of our three dogs is most loved by our two girls. Our dogs are a huge part of our family, and are like my other children.

On a Saturday morning we woke up to let the dogs out, as usual, and came in to a kitchen full of vomit and a very, very sick dog. Chanel had been throwing up all night! We took her to our vet, and after some blood work she was diagnosed with some type of unknown infection. She stayed at the vet for the day on IV fluids and we brought her home that night with some prescriptions to keep her from vomiting.

Saturday night she took a turn for the worse and would not lift her head off the ground, was extremely weak, and would not eat or drink. We took her in to the emergency vet where she was diagnosed with stomach ulcers that were causing severe internal bleeding. We almost lost her because of the significant amount of blood that was lost. We were told if we did not do emergency surgery right away she would die, and even with the surgery that was done there was not guarantee that it would stop the bleeding. She also needed a blood transfusion possibly two because of the significant amount of blood that was lost.

After a long night we received a call from the vet who performed the surgery saying that she was able to stop the bleeding temporarily, but due to where the ulcers were she was not able to remove the ulcers completely. On top of going through surgery, Chanel also had a reaction to the second blood transfusion that was given and had severe swelling in her face. It was so difficult to watch our sweet girl, in just two days go from being a healthy 80 pound dog to weighing 65 pounds and on the verge of

When we picked her up the next morning, she looked awful and was extremely weak. We were told for the next several days she would have to be under constant monitoring and we would need to take her back and forth between our regular vet and the emergency vet. All of this went on for a little over a week…trips back and forth to each vet and sleepless nights worrying. On top of all of the emotional stress there was the financial stress of not knowing how we were going to be able to afford these huge medical bills. We were faced with putting our one and half year old dog to sleep or paying out thousands of dollars in vet bills.

Thankfully, our sweet baby has pulled through, and is doing so much better. We owe a HUGE thank you to the amazing staff at Peaks View Animal hospital, especially Dr. Clements, the staff at the

Emergency Animal Clinic of Lynchburg, and the RHCCF for the huge blessing and help they so graciously gave financially! In the midst of the emotion and dealing with these emergency situations, especially when it comes to dealing with pets, you are faced with some hard decisions on whether you can afford to basically save your dogs life. Without the donation from RHCCF that was a very real and unfortunate decision we faced. We are so thankful for the financial relief they provided us in an extremely difficult time and for helping, along with the vets and technicians, save our sweet Chanel’s life! We are forever grateful!!!



A year ago my pit bull named Gypsy was diagnosed with congestive heart failure due to heartworms despite being on a preventative medication.

Gypsy was on death’s door and the bill to help her was estimated to be at least $1,000.00. I am disabled with a set income and my dog Gypsy is not just a pet but an Emotional Support Assistant Animal, i.e. a PTSD dog. Without Gypsy in my life I would have gone downhill very fast. I would no longer be able to do simple things like going to the grocery store or just walking out of my fenced yard. Saving Gypsy’s life meant saving mine.

Gypsy was rescued from a breeder who planned to breed her again and again. I got her when she was 7 months old she was trained to assist me with my PTSD and without her my life would not be as full as it is now. Before Gypsy, I was unable to leave my home and now I can. When she is with me I feel able to cope with stressors that otherwise would make it impossible for me to have a normal life.

Gypsy’s ears were cut off by the breeder and she has other medical issues from improper breeding but none of those are life threatening like the congestive heart failure.

I look back and say Gypsy was rescued but in the end she rescued me, and the RHCCF rescued both of us. The RHCCF paid over half of Gypsy’s bill and with the help of family & friends and my vet working with me Gypsy got the care she needed. She is now 5 years old.

If not for the RHCCF help with funding the treatment Gypsy needed my rescuer wouldn’t be here with me today… for that I am very grateful.

Support RHCCF and help other disabled people like me help their best friends which in my case is my service dog. Trust me; your donations help more than you know it saves lives both human and animal.

~ Virginia

Christmas ornaments on sale now!

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[Updated 12/7/14] We are selling these ornaments exclusively at Gentle Care Animal Hospital for $2 each! All proceeds go to support the RHCCF.

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