RHCCF Closure

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Dear Friends and Supporters of the Rachael Horton Compassionate Care Fund:

It is with heavy hearts that we are writing this letter to inform you that we will be ending the Rachael Horton Compassionate Care Fund. This charity was started over four years ago to honor a wish made by Rachael Horton, which was that no loved family pet be euthanized for financial reasons. She was ready to begin this work by saving a small portion of her own paycheck. After her death, her friends and family came together to try and make her wish a reality, and the RHCCF was born.

In only four years this charity grew from its original idea, which only included the animal hospital where Rachael worked, to encompass all the animal hospitals in our area, and all the referral centers where critical cases from our area are sent. The original “collection tin” idea grew into a comprehensive plan including the other animal hospitals, people from around the world via our website and Facebook page, and a large annual fundraiser 5K/10K race known as Rachael’s Paws and Purrs.

Those of us who knew Rachael, whose kindness and compassion knew no bounds, also know that she would have been thrilled at saving the life of a single pet.  No act of kindness was too small. To date, her charity has raised $40,000 and saved the lives of 80 dogs and cats.  There are so many special people and businesses without whom this charity could never have done so much. They are too many to list here, and we would not like to diminish the importance of any donation, no matter the size.

To all of you who ever made a donation of time, money, or supplies, we cannot thank you enough. The pain of losing Rachael will never entirely go away, but it lifts our hearts knowing that her memory, and that the gift her memory inspired in a greater amount of love in the world shared between the saved pets and their families, will never be forgotten.

With our gratitude,

Jennifer Taylor, President
Jenni Hair, Treasurer/Secretary
Amanda Miller Collier, Communications and Fundraising Chair
Brandy Schmidt, Vice President
Josh Quintero, Webmaster
Leah Jones, Social Media Coordinator
Heather Poindexter, Board Member
Barbara Stevens, Former Vice President
Theresa Miller, Former Board Member
Kathie Morgan, Heather Quintero, Barbara Horton, Family